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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, a beautiful city with scenic canals and a bustling nightlife.


List of to-do things

Amsterdam is a very walkable city, but also very expensive. Upon arriving at Amsterdam Centrum, you will most definitely be greeted by the stence of weed. You can make your way to Manneken Pis for some really amazing fries with a wide selection of sauces. The canals are all around Amsterdam Centrum, so take your time to walk around and appreciate the beautiful sceneries. Apart from that, you can visit the Van gogh Museum or the Anne Frank House if you are interested in history. If you are into Heineken, you are in luck as the Heineken Experience is right in Amsterdam. If you are feeling rich, you can take a boat ride around the canals of Amsterdam, where the tour guides will explain to you the history of this beautiful city. If you wish to visit the scenic windmills of Holland, you can head up to Zaanche Saans for some amazing scenery. Last but not least, Amsterdam is known for their red-light districts and liberal mindsets. The streets are an eye-opener, figuratively and literally, but do visit after 10pm for that is the time that there will be most to see.


Tips to save money:

Book your trip a month in advance if travelling to Eindhoven, 2 months if going to Amsterdam. There are 3 main ways of getting to Amsterdam, namely Eurostar, a flight to Eindhoven, and a flight to Amsterdam Schipol. For Eurostar, do book early in order to get the cheapest tickets. This is by far the best option if you are able to get cheap tickets. The second best option would be a flight to Amsterdam Schipol (via EasyJet). This requires you to take the bus/train to Gatwick/Stansted/Luton, but getting from Schipol Airport to Amsterdam Centrum is a piece of cake as they have a well maintained and diverse metro. The last option would be to fly to Eindhoven. This is personally my least favourite, as you need to book a flix bus to travel from Eindhoven to Amsterdam and back. Eindhoven is pretty boring, so you might not want to spend too much time there. Accommodation is really expensive, so try to save a bit on that by booking an Airbnb, or a hostel with your friends.


Tips when visiting the place:

Cannabis is literally everywhere. If you do have any intention of smoking/consuming, ensure that you will not be returning to Singapore anytime soon, as it is a chargeable offence to have illegal substances present in your bloodstream. Watch out for your belongings. Amsterdam is safe, but like any major city, pickpocketing is a prevalent crime. If anything sexual disturbs you, you might want to stay in the accommodations at night instead.

Key information

Expenditure (Per Day)


The accommodation and transport are really expensive. You might end up seeing yourself scrimping on food to save money.


2 Days

Accommodation is so expensive, I would rather take an early flight to Amsterdam and a late flight back.

Group Size


2 if you are a couple, 6 if you are going with friends so you can book an entire hostel room.




The pastries are amazing, but the main dishes are quite mainstream to that of European countries.



The canals are beautiful, and the windmills are an iconic part of Netherland's history. Do snap a few pictures!



This is a personal bias, but if you are into drugs and sex, the red light district and sex museums are the way for you to go.




You can see police officers everywhere, and crime rates are generally low.



The Dutch are quite friendly, but the number of tourists there makes the experience less pleasant.



Amsterdam is definitely a must go for anyone studying in Europe. It presents a really interesting part of society we do not usually see. Apart from the hefty price tag, I really enjoyed Amsterdam.

Trip photos

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