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Dublin, Ireland

Ireland, the country of gnomes and Guinness. Find out how to make the best out of a weekend trip to Dublin. This amazing place is filled with lovely bars and hospitable people!


List of to-do things

Upon arriving at Dublin Airport, get a travel card and take the airport express to Dublin city centre. You can start the day visiting the Dublin Castle and Irish National Gallery. The Christ Church Cathedral, St Stephen’s Green, and Ha’Penny Bridge are all in close proximation to one another. If you are a fan of books and the mystic arts, do check out the Trinity College Library, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Last but not least, it is an absolute MUST to go to any bar that offers Irish stew and traditional Irish music. I swear the meals are the best part of any trip here. The Temple Bar is a good place to start out. If you have an extra day, take a tour to Wicklow Mountains.


Tips to save money:

Book your trip a month in advance. Tickets should cost AT MOST 17 pounds each way if you do so. If you are lucky, you can snag some 5 pound deals (Check back every 12 hours, the prices always fluctuates for Ryanair). There are roughly 8 flights to and from Dublin every day, so finding a good time should not be a problem. Do take note that early morning and late night flights are not ideal for your physical health, but if you want to make the best use of your time, then go ahead. For accommodation, it is aplenty and should be AT MOST 20 pounds per person per night, unless you wish to stay somewhere luxurious. Accommodations do not need to be planned far in advance, as their price rarely fluctuates.


Tips when visiting the place:

Be merry and enjoy the music in the bars. Drink but do not get drunk. Watch out for your belongings, like any major city, pickpocketing is a prevalent crime. Stay away from drunk people.

Key information

Expenditure (Per Day)


You could possibly spend much less if you aren't a drinker. Food averages £10 per meal, and some attractions have an entrance fee.


3 Days

In my opinion, if you are fast, you can finsh seeing most of Dublin in 2 days. Leave 1 day to visit the scenic Wicklow Mountains.

Group Size


4 people is a good number for any taxi (if you need to rush), and also makes finding spaces in restaurants much easier.




The irish stew and the rich frothy guinness really steals the show.



Wicklow mountains was simply amazing. However, such scenery can also be found in the UK.



The whisky museum and the guinness storehouse, as well as the museums prove to be a good use of time. Nothing that really gives an adrenaline rush though.




Dublin is generally quite safe. Just have common city sense and look out for your belongings



I really love the Irish and their hospitality. The live irish music is top notch.



Overall I think Dublin is a lovely weekend getaway, and is extremely easy to plan a trip there given its proximity to UK.

Trip photos

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