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Prague, Czechia

Prague, the capital of Czechia, is probably one of the best places I have been to. With a romantic atmosphere, cheap food, and rich heritage, Prague is a must go for any student studying in the UK.


List of to-do things

Prague is one of the cheapest cities in Europe to go to, with a pint of beer being just £1.5, and a decent meal at a restaurant costing £6-7. In addition, the main town hall, the Astronomical Clock and the Clementinum are all in close proximity to one another. Upon arriving at Prague Vaclav Havel Airport, you can take an Uber to Prague city center. If travelling in groups of 4, it is cheaper to Uber everywhere than to take the public transport. You could spend the first day at Wenceslas Square, the Old Town Square, and the Astronomical Clock. Another day could be spent at Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and Petrin Tower, which provides a vantage view of the city of Prague. If you have time, you could take a train to Kutna Hora to visit the Sedlec Ossuary, the bone church. Cesky Krumlov, a beautiful town, is also only a 3 hours bus ride from Prague. If you are intrigued by the history of World War 2, visit Terezin, an eerie town that used to be a concentration camp. If you are feeling adventurous, head up north to Dresden (only 2.5 hours away!) or Bohemian Switzerland where the Chronicles of Narnia was filmed.


Tips to save money:

Book your trip 2 months in advance if you want good flight timings. Generally it is better to be kinder to your physical health for this trip as accommodation is cheaper than most in Europe. Most places in Prague accept card, so Monzo or Revolut should work fine. If you wish to withdraw cash, remember to draw only from well-known banks, and definitely not Euronet (Euronet is a massive rip-off for non-local cards). Always check your bill, some restaurants have a tendency to scam foreigners.


Tips when visiting the place:

Watch out for your belongings. Prague is relatively safe, but like any major city, pickpocketing is a prevalent crime. Occasionally there might be protests, but these are often peaceful marches, so no need to worry about it. Scams are common, so learn to walk away from people holding animals, or people pretending to be a rich businessman who needs money for petrol (and might give you a fake gold ring for that favour). Drink lots but do not get drunk. If you want to drink in a safe environment, buy some alcohol and drink in your accommodation.

Key information

Expenditure (Per Day)


Flights are cheap, accommodations are cheap, food is cheap. Even the drinks are so cheap. I don't see you spending much in Prague.


4 Days

Spend 2 days within Prague, and another 2 days out of Prague (such as Cesky Krumlow, Terezin, or Kutna Hora)

Group Size


2 if you are a couple (It's really romantic especially in winter). 4 for a perfect uber fit.




There is a huge variety of meat options, and the really cheap beer seals the deal.



Head to Bohemian Switzerland/Cesky Krumlow for really nice views. Prague is really pretty and scores high on my scenery rating.



The nightlife here is pretty lit, and there are lot's of cheap activities you can do around Prague.




Occassional protests, scams, and pickpocketing. Apart from that, violent crime is quite rare.



The Czechs are friendly, but then again there might just be too many tourists here.



Overall I feel Prague is a go-to throughout the year. If you want to find somewhere to go on a date, this is the place for you and your wallet.

Trip photos

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