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Rome, Italy

A city with a rich history and splendid architecture, Rome is definitely not to be missed by anyone looking to tick one of the seven wonders of the world off their bucket list.


List of to-do things

If you take a budget airline, you will most likely end up at Rome Ciampino Airport. From Ciampino airport, buy a 48/72 hour travel pass (Not Roma pass!) for €12.5/18, then take bus 520 towards the metro station Capannelle, before taking the metro to Rome City Centre. Must visit places would be the Vatican City as well as the Roman Colosseum. Beside the Roman Colosseum lies the Roman Forum and Palantine hill. Rome is also home to famous attractions such as the Pantheon as well as the Trevi Fountain, which are definitely sights to behold. There are simply way too many attractions to list them in detail here, so a quick google search will definitely do you good. If you are into food, where else would you find better pasta/pizza than at Italy. So feel free to ask your local host or hotel receptionist on where to find the best treats around, and you will definitely not be disappointed.


Tips to save money:

Book your trip 6 weeks in advance. Tickets usually will cost about £40-50 for a return flight if you do so. There are 2 main budget airlines that fly to Rome, Ryanair and Wizzair. If you want to have a smooth schedule, take a flight at about 8 am (which means waking up at 5), so you will arrive in Rome at about 1pm, just in time for lunch. Following lunch, check in your items into your accommodation, and proceed to explore the various non ticketed attractions (such as the Trevi fountain and Spanish steps). Accommodation should be roughly £20 per person per night. With quite a number of accommodation available in Rome, you don’t need to plan it far in advance. Book the tickets to the Vatican museums and the colosseum/roman forum online if possible so you do not end up having to queue long hours.


Tips when visiting the place:

Watch out for peddlers that wear a “Official guide” lanyard. They aren’t actual guides, they are actually there to sell you fast track entry tickets, which more often than not cost more than you need to pay. Pickpocketing is especially prevalent, so watch out for crowded tourist attractions, and watch out for your belongings.

Key information

Expenditure (Per Day)


You will mostly be spending on food, entry tickets, as well as souvenirs. Total cost of a 4 day trip should be roughly £250 - £300.


4 Days

Spend the 1st day going to non ticketed areas, 2nd day in the Colosseum, and 3rd day in the Vatican.

Group Size


4 generally is a good number for any travel group. As you are taking public transport, 2/3/5 works as well. Beyond that, the group size gets a bit too big.




Personally I'm not a huge fan of Italian food, but the quality of gelato, pasta and pizza there is really good.



Whilst it is mostly buildings, the architecture is honestly very impressive.



There is quite a lot of attractions to visit, so I doubt there will be a lack of things to do.




There are relatively more scams and pickpockets present due to Rome's popularity.



The Italians are generally quite friendly and willing to share about the various attractions to visit in Rome.



There is a lot of history behind Rome, and the lovely architecture is definitely a must see for tourists.

Trip photos

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