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Articles, thoughts, and outlandish theories

Maplestory Economy  1.png

Maplestory Economics

This article examines the economic theories present in the massively popular MMORPG, Maplestory, as well as provides an insight into the relevance to real world businesses and economies. It also makes you wonder why someone would even write 20,000 words on a game for kids.

Tree of life.JPG

Tree of Life

Life is like a massive Role Playing Game where you are your own character. How would you choose to allocate your skill points if you could do so?


A world apart

Will the distance part, or will one be willing to part with the distance to make things work, even if they are a world apart. How should one view relationships while abroad?

Couple Holding Hearts


We all seek for that perfect one, that Mr or Ms Right. But is he/she truly out there? How does one check that a person is perfect for him/her? Read on for some food for thought.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Calculated Compatability

What if the value of a person is determined by numbers and figures? How does our level affect our compatability with a prospective partner?

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