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Maplestory Economics


This article examines the economic theories present in the massively popular MMORPG, Maplestory, as well as provides an insight into the relevance to real world businesses and economies. It also makes you wonder why someone would even write 20,000 words on a game for kids.

Maplestory Economy  1.png


Maplestory Economy  1.png

How it all started

Chapter 1

Maplestory economy 2.jpg

Humble Beginnings

Chapter 2


A Game of Monopoly

Chapter 3

Max mesos.png

Money, The Most Efficient Worker

Chapter 4

Lack of physics.JPG

Demand & Supply Elasticity

Chapter 5

Sus cube.JPG

Stretchable Incomes

Chapter 6

Supply Demand curve 3.JPG

Competitive Markets

Chapter 7

Marginal returns.png

By The Margin

Chapter 8

Jynarvis fm.png

When Free Markets Fail

Chapter 9


Market Structures

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 8.JPG


Chapter 11



Chapter 12

Chapter 12 1.JPG

The rise of Maple Auction

Special Chapter

S Chapter 5 - Copy.JPG

The Wolf of Maple Street

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